Make LemonadeIt wasn’t until we became parents of two healthy children that it really hit home how lucky we are. We are grateful every day to have our family, our health and more than enough things to sustain our lives and enable our happiness. The unavoidable question then arose: how do we give back?

We make decisions each day that influence the world around us. No, I’m not referring to the really crunchy “we are all one” stuff; I’m just talking about our spending, our consumption and the way we live.

Each dollar we spend is a choice. A way of saying “I support what you’re doing” to a specific company and “I like someone else better” to the other options. The problem is, things have become way too complicated. How is the average person supposed to know what each company is doing behind the scenes? No one in today’s world has time to research all of the brands they purchase to find out who is really supplying them and if they might be aligned with their views. But, if we don’t, how are we to know what behavior we’re encouraging in the now global economy?

Similarly, each item we consume is a choice. Our hot water. Our gasoline. Our energy. Little changes can often make a big difference in the world.

Finally, and most obviously, the way we live influences ourselves and others. But how much and whom exactly? With so many in need, giving can often seem like a hopeless battle.

On May 4, while I (Andrea) was still on maternity leave with our second child, my husband (Carl) found out he was losing his job. Once the ego was soothed and the numbers were crunched, we figured out that we could take the summer to focus on this idea. On May 12, we conceived a plan for Tales of Goodness.

Our plan is a simple one. We’re going to try to implement a bunch of small changes – one at a time – and share our experiences with you. We want you to understand the impact of your own actions and how easy it is to make a BIG difference in our world. Together, we have the power to implement fair trade, stop global warming, feed the hungry and cure cancer.

We are hopeful that through this process we will express our gratitude and find our own peace of mind. And perhaps inspire others to strike their own balance. After all, it’s only life – it can’t be that hard.

For more information on our plan, please visit The Goodness Challenge.

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Just a small town mom trying to make the world a better place for my kids. One small change at a time.

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