My Dream Table On The BeachI too have a dream.  I picture myself in 30 years sitting at a long table on a pristine beach beside the constant ocean.  I’m surrounded by my now-grown children and even some grandchildren.  (Sorry kids.  No pressure.)  We have smiles on our faces and a general peace about us.

Then I watch the news and I see the weather changing, the disasters in other parts of the world and the suffering often caused by the unfeeling corporation.  I see another recall of a children’s toy.  I see an update on the nuclear disaster in Japan.  Now I’m worried.

I hear the news and I feel angry and concerned.  I wonder about my dream.  Is it possible?  That’s when I have a little inner dialogue with myself.  I review why I’ve made the choices I made.  And why I’m so scared.  And then I think about the options.

I like to think of the so-called “green movement” as being on a continuum.  A path to enlightenment, so to speak.  On one end of the continuum you have all of those people who have not yet awakened to the world’s real potential for harmony.  They still see themselves as the center of the universe – much like people thought the sun revolved around the Earth before Galileo.  (Check my facts here – I’m not a history buff.)  They’ve yet to learn about a need to have the whole eco-system work in harmony.  As such, the more evolved folks often see them as destructive.

I’m somewhere low on the continuum myself.  I’m just starting to be green.  To be conscious.  And I still often get frustrated with those seemingly opposed to healthy living – for us and our planet.  But can we really be angry with someone who has simply yet to learn?  That’s on the same grounds as being angry with a toddler for throwing his food or pinching the family dog.  It might make you feel better for a split second, but it’s not the path to learning.

Now, I’m going to diverge here for just a moment.  We live in a capitalistic economy.  That means that we have, in a sense, created our world.  Most likely, our ancestors set up all of these corporations that we currently blame for our woes.  Now it’s on us to fix them.

But we can fix them.  The same way we created them.  A few hundred years ago (history again), there were early adopters who started the industrial revolution never imagining the havoc they might cause.  They started to innovate and lead.  They started to produce alternatives.  And people bought.  They followed.  Now it’s our turn to be the early adopters.  Focusing on this is what keeps me calm.

Do my part. When I start to get stressed, I just put my head down and focus on making the right choices.  I think of my kids and I just learn and do what I can.

Lead by example. I try to be open about my journey so that others might learn.  I’ve started to learn how to be green largely through the teachings of other moms and dads who have taken the time to share their journeys with me.

Reserve judgment. Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we have nothing to gain by making ourselves separate from the mainstream human race.  In order to tip the scales, others need to learn from us.  After all, I haven’t always known how to live green.  It’s just a matter of education.

I believe that if we do these things, others will see us and join in.  It’s coming soon.  Check out the mainstream news these days.  (Yes, the same news that makes me feel angry and concerned.)  It’s full of environmental and human rights issues.  Of course, that’s a bad thing because bad things are happening.  But it’s also a good thing because the mainstream news only covers things that people want to know about.  It’s back to capitalism again.

People are starting to want to know about the things that worry us.  They’re starting to mistrust the companies that they’ve previously been comfortable to just sit back and believe.  All we need is for enough people to move just enough to the right on the continuum.  Just enough moms and dads who want their children to grow up in a safe and healthy world.  Once the evolution begins, we will indeed change the world we live in.

So, each time you feel worried about toxins in toys, climate change or nuclear fallout, just focus on doing your part.  Focus on your own dream.  By living the life you want to live, you’ll inspire others.  We will reach the tipping point.

Special thanks to our friends at Healthy Child Healthy World for inspiring this post.

Photo’s source is TravelPod page: still relaxing at beach camp…

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