Do Good Every Day - Feed The Hungry - RiceLast week, I overheard two of my colleagues talking about a site that allows its users to feed the hungry just by clicking a button.  One colleague was saying the he tried to make a point of going to the site every day because it was such an easy thing to do.  He even made the site his homepage so he wouldn’t forget.

As I’m eavesdropping on this conversation, two things occurred to me.  First, it’s lovely to know that there are so many people who care about others out there.  And second, I could be doing more things like this every day.

We’re all very busy these days.  Carl and I are certainly not strangers to being caught up in our life.  Do-gooder blog aside, we are normal people with normal jobs and a (sort of) normal family.  We do what we can to learn about our impact on the world, but it’s often not enough.

Now that our summer of unemployment is over and our schedules are once again packed, we’re finding that we’re suddenly very interested in ways to make a difference that are quick, easy and FREE.

Here are a 3 things we can all do whenever we get the chance.  These things are dead simple.  In less than 5 minutes a day, we can help solve world hunger, save the rainforest and make homes healthier for our children.

1.  The Hunger Site.  This is the site my friends were discussing.  You can go to the site each day and simply click the “Click to Give” button.  Each click supplies 1.1 cups of food to victims of hunger all over the world.

How does it do this?  Basically, each click displays sponsor advertising.  The money that the sponsors pay for advertising is 100 percent donated to charity – either Feeding America (formerly America’s Second Harvest) or Mercy Corps.

The Hunger Site is part of the Greater Good Network.  This not-for-profit administers 9 “Click to Give” sites in total.  Here they are.  Choose your cause and start clicking.

The Veterans Site The Autism Site
The Hunger Site The Child Health Site
The Literacy Site The Breast Cancer Site
The Rainforest Site The Animal Rescue Site
Ecology Fund

2.  Double Impact.  I came across Double Impact several months ago thanks to a post on Treehugger.  Basically, Double Impact allows you to do just what the name suggests – get double bang for your buck.  You simply sign up and select a charity to benefit from your hard work.  Then you take on various challenges.  Since the challenges are all geared towards improving our collective lives and the planet, you win and so does your charity.

Double Impact is sponsored by its various partners.  I could not find the specifics about this arrangement on the site, but I believe each challenge is supported by its own sponsor.  Based on the amount of the sponsor’s donation, a points value is assigned to each challenge.  Here are some sample challenges from my profile.

Acronyms and Definitions Green Quiz: LOL and BRB are so 2007. Take the quiz and test your skills.  5 points.

Pack It To Go: Skip those single serve containers and get a reusable, BPA-free lunch box! Saves $$ and also prevents harmful chemicals from leaching into your foods.  720 points.

Carpool – Channel Oil Spill Anger: Show your support for the those affected by the oil spill and save some gas (aka oil) by carpooling to school or work one day this week.  260 points.

You get the idea?  So far, I have earned 4.3 healthier homes for children by supporting Healthy Child Healthy World on Double Impact.

3.  If you’re up for challenging your vocabulary, you’ll enjoy this one.  On, you just answer multiple choice questions about the meanings of various words.  For each question you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated to people in need. is run by the United Nations World Food Programme.  Like The Hunger Site, invests advertising revenue generated on the site in programs for feeding the hungry.

Just imagine how much good we could do if we all took just 5 minutes a day to click around?  We really can make a difference.  Thank you to all who have made it so easy for us to give.

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