Re-using Empty Glass JarsI suspect that I am the world’s largest glass breaker. We’re talking serious klutziness. (My only near rival is my mom, but her focus is more on self-mutilation than dropping.) When I was pregnant in 2010, we went through 2-3 glasses a week. My mom actually gave me glasses for Christmas this year as a joke, but they’re lovely and I feel the need to set them aside for more steady hands – like perhaps my 3 year old.

I now drink out of empty glass jars. I know. It seems drastic. When I show up at work with an empty peanut butter jar full of coffee, I sometimes feel like I’ve worn something really juvenile (like a pinafore) to my fifth grade class and am the subject of constant scrutiny. That’s right, I get ridiculed.

Still, I can’t get over how much these glass jars are working out for me. Every once in a while in life there is a series of problems that can all be addressed with the same solution. My problems: (1) I constantly break glasses and require a bottomless supply. (2) My family eats at least 1 jar of organic peanut butter each week and my community doesn’t recycle glass. (That’s right. To hear more, check out our previous blog What To Do When You Can’t Recycle Glass.) (3) My schedule is hectic and I often need to abruptly shift my beverages into “to go” mode.

Thankfully, my empty peanut butter jars have a lid. So, you see, they really are the ultimate solution.

You know, it’s interesting how much I’ve changed since we started The Goodness Challenge last summer. The former, more marketing-influenced me (not that I’m immune now – just somewhat resistant) would have simply (1) bought more glasses at home, (2) thrown my jars away (albeit sadly) and (3) purchased some additional, expensive stainless steel Starbucks cups for travel. The new me is setting ridicule aside and proudly lugging my peanut butter jars from place to place. That’s right. Bring it on fifth-graders!

Got a comment? Any other suggestions? As always, we welcome your ideas and feedback.

Looking for other re-purposing ideas? Healthy Child Healthy World is planning to feature some re-purposing stories later this month.

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