Flexitarian RecipesIt has been 10 months since we stopped eating meat on weekdays.  (That’s right – only on Saturdays and Sundays – check out our previous post Good All Around: Become A Flexitarian for more the details.)  In this short time, our psyche has shifted from asking “What can I possibly cook without meat?” five days a week to asking “What on Earth will I do with this meat?” the other two days.  Most weeks, we only really want meat once.  (We usually plan it for Saturday just in case someone wants leftovers.)

Of course, this has not always been the case.  When we first started our quest towards greener and more sustainable living, becoming a flexitarian seemed like the shortest way from Point A (non-sustainable living) to Point B (sustainable living), so we signed up.  And it helped, but the lack of vegetarian “go-to” meals was a definite challenge.

Now, thanks to the contributions of other bloggers and friends, we’ve built up a repertoire of dozens of healthy, quick and child-friendly vegetarian meals.  We’re often asked what exactly we cook, so we thought we’d share.  Here are 5 “go-to” flexitarian recipes that we cook often,  especially when there isn’t time to make a lasagna and we just want the kids to eat something healthy.  Hope these also work for you.

1.  Lentil Shepperd’s Pie.  (We snagged this one from Simple Bites.)  This is  delicious – and protein packed – with spiced lentils, corn (or peas) and a sweet potato (and/ or potato) topping.  Here’s the recipe.

2.  Leek Torte.  This is a hand-me-down from my mother-in-law.  It’s dead simple.  The eggs provide plenty of protein.  I like to add mushrooms along with the leeks for an extra vitamin bump.  Here’s the recipe.

3.  Vegetarian Chili.  This one comes from the Dieticians of Canada’s “Great Food Fast” cookbook.  It really is quick and easy and packed with all of the things you need.  Cumin is a wonderful way to blend all of those healthy vegetables into something delicious that even the kids will eat.  Recipe here.

4.  Tuna Melts.  In case you haven’t noticed, we are egg and fish-eating flexitarians.  (I’m sure there is a label for it somewhere.)  As such, my mother’s tuna melt recipe often hits the spot.  Here’s the recipe.

5.  Bean Quesadillas.  When time is really running short and we want to get our kids to eat something that will provide them energy in a hurry, we like to go Mexican.  Both of our kids eat avocados (a small miracle), beans and corn.  (We try to buy only frozen, organic corn when not in season as non-organic corn is largely genetically modified and I’ve yet to find a can of corn that is BPA-free.)  Here’s the very short recipe.

There’s a lot more where those came from, so, if you like them, we’ll promise to post more.  Hope these help you through soccer night and make giving up meat – at least sometimes – a little bit easier.

We’d also enjoy hearing about your “go-to” vegetarian meals, so please feel free to post comments.

Image: nuchylee / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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