Since the inception of Tales Of Goodness, Andrea and I have looked to spend our money in an ethical and eco-friendly manner.  We began our journey by looking at the products we buy at the grocery store and replacing bad products with good ones (Article – Spend Responsibly: GoodGuide Your Groceries).  We then continued our journey into other areas, examining our kids clothing, our produce and our vacation choices, among other things.

Surprisingly, until right now, we haven’t considered how our investments are impacting or contributing to the world.  Just like every dollar spent is a vote for a company’s ongoing behaviour, so is every dollar loaned or invested.  For this reason, we want to take a closer look at how our investment dollars are impacting our local community and the world at large.  Although we know the names of the funds we’ve selected for our investment portfolio, we don’t really know much about the companies that make up these funds. Our plan is to break-down our research into the following steps:

  1. Our first step is to look at our current investments and identify the funds we currently hold.  A percentage score will be assigned to each fund in relation to the amount of dollars vested in comparison to the rest of the funds in our portfolio.
  2. Our second step is to identify the companies that comprise each of the funds in our investment portfolio.  We want to know which companies we are supporting (I think we’re in for a big surprise).
  3. Once we have identified the current state of affairs for our investments, we will do the following:
  4. A.  Create our very own personalized ethical and eco-friendly investment criteria
    B.  Identify companies or investment mechanisms that will closer match our investment criteria
    C.  Look at the transition strategy for moving our investments away from current investments that do not fit our investment criteria.  Also, we will identify the penalties associated with moving investments out of certain funds.  This will factor into our transition strategy.
    D.  Dive in and start “walking the talk” all around.

Stay tuned for our next post where we will disect our investment portfolio and document the process we have gone through to create our own personalized ethical investment criteria (Out With The Old).  You can join our RSS feed to have future posts sent straight to your inbox.


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