Backyard GardenCarl has constructed a thing of beauty in our backyard.  He has made us two small cedar-framed garden boxes to be used for growing our own vegetables.  Unfortunately, what is inside said boxes is not exactly thriving.

A few months ago, we had this ingenious idea to grow our own fruits and vegetables this summer.  You see, we were so thrilled with our local Community Agriculture Program (CAP) last summer (Dave’s Produce Packs, if you’re interested) that we decided to take “local” to the next level.  We had mental images of a bountiful garden ripe for the picking at any time.

Kind of like this…

Perfect Vegetable Garden

Unfortunately, when I look upon my beautiful cedar boxes, the word “bounty” doesn’t exactly sprout to mind.

Droopy springs to mind…

My Vegetable Garden - Tomatoes

In eager anticipation of our plentiful seasonal produce, we started tomatoes, peppers, kale, broccoli and cauliflower inside some time in April.  I babied these plants for 6 or 7 weeks until the risk of frost was past.  At this point, they were looking rather spindly, but I was quite certain that they would revive once in the ground.  Not exactly so.

It has now been 3 weeks since I planted them.  I’ve since planted herbs, carrots, beans and beats – all of which are doing remarkably well in my novice opinion.  (It is possible that I just haven’t had a chance to kill them yet.)  But they are making my tomatoes and peppers look rather weak in comparison.

So, tonight I finally confessed that I will be purchasing plants that someone else started.  (A real gardener, I’m guessing.)  I’ll be putting those plants in my lovely garden boxes and pretending like they are the ones I started.  I may hold on to a few of my sad seedlings as some things are just too hard to let go.

God willing, we’ll be harvesting our veggies over the summer and our visions of the freshest produce will be fulfilled.  And next year, we’ll try it all over again.  Hopefully somewhat improved.

So, my garden is shoddy.  As a gardener, I’m a failure. (Or maybe we could leave it at novice?  I like to think there’s only one way to learn.)  Failure or not, I’m happy out there digging in the dirt.  Not deliriously happy dancing for joy or anything.  But an equivalent kind of peaceful happy.  Oh yes, there will be a next year.  I’ll never walk away from this kind of serenity.  Now if I could only get the darn stuff to grow!

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