Pure Castile SoapHave you ever religiously used a product, but when asked why it’s better than others, you really have no answer?  Well, I certainly have.  Perhaps it’s because of peer pressure or simple habit, but some things have made it into my “crunchy regime” at face value.  As such, I’m starting this new segment simply entitled Good Question.  My plan is to research a new item each week and share my results until I’m through my entire list of not-quite-sure-why habits .

First up, pure castile soap.  For years, I have been using Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap in some capacity.  Years ago, I started using it as soap.  More recently, I’ve stepped up the uses to include shampooing and the occasional household cleaning.  At our camp, it’s practically the only bottle in the place.  But why is it better?  Hmmm – good question.  It’s probably time I looked into this.

Basically, castile soap is an all-vegetable-based soap.  It is called “castile” simply because it originated centuries ago in the Castile region of Spain.  Since then, the term has come to refer to any vegetable-oil-based soap.  Castile soap is typically a simple and biodegradable formula, so it’s good for us and for the environment.  Castile soap can come in either liquid or solid (bar soap) form – both are equally simple and biodegradable.

So, how does this differ from other soaps?  Well, many products marketed alongside soaps are not even legitimately soaps.  They often contain artificial foaming agents, harsh cleansers, oleochemicals, petrochemicals and chemical anti-bacterial agents.  (Source: Queen of Green)  Castile soaps contain none of these.  Furthermore, they are typically vegan and many obstain from animal testing.

Dr Bronner’s happens to be organic and not tested on animals, so it seems like the crunchy ladies who recommended it to me years ago knew what they were talking about.  Thanks ladies.  It’s not that I didn’t trust you, but a girl’s got to be able to answer these questions.

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