Hello fellow do-gooders. Glad you’re interested in finding out more about us. Now, what little tidbits can we share? We live on the almost-never-sunny east coast of Canada. What a spring for rain! We met about 7 years ago on a canoe trip with a mutual friend (thanks Pam). Several sobbing, object-throwing, break-up threatening fights later, here we are – married and living in domestic bliss! Ha!

We’re both in the software business. Over our careers, we have worked for a few consulting and software companies doing various design, development and management jobs. Now, that may make it seem like we know something about writing or running a blog, but in fact, we do not. Still, there’s only one way to learn and we are always up for a challenge.

Five years ago, we were living in Toronto and New York (okay, okay, technically New Jersey) and spending our time doing glamorous things – shopping, eating out at fancy restaurants, traveling to exotic locations – all the things lucky twenty-somethings with no responsibilities do. In hindsight, it all seems so foreign and surreal.

Now, we live in the booming metropolis of Saint John, New Brunswick in a suburban neighborhood. We spend our weekends mowing the lawn and arguing about whose turn it is to get out of the house alone for a bit of exercise in the form of a run or bike ride.

The difference: we had kids of course! And once we had our first, we never left our little house in Toronto, so why live there? Like many others, we packed it up and moved closer to family.

Now, we certainly have our moments of longing and doubt, but overall, we love parenthood and all that goes with it. In fact, our kids are the main inspiration for this blog. We want their health and happiness as much as our own, so clearly we need to make some changes to make sure the world “holds up” for them.

Our Confession

We have never really been do-gooders. I mean, we’re happy to help our friends move (in exchange for a beer or two) or contribute to the school raffle when solicited, but we’ve never really gone out of our way to try to make a difference. Recently we’ve realized that the world may actually be going downhill – fast. It’s hard to visualize our future lives – you know – walking hand in hand by the ocean and such – without wondering – will the beaches still be safe, the ocean clean – in 30 years?

Our Qualifications

At this point you may be wondering how a couple of IT executives are qualified to blog about improving the world. Basically, we’re not. We promise to do our best to be open, honest and thorough in our investigation because we really want to help. However, we are not experts, and we will likely be wrong a time or two. Still, we are committed to apologizing when wrong and doing what we can to rectify it. So, if you catch us missing something, even misspelling something, please do let us know. We’re only human. (And by the way, don’t you think that the secret to happiness is low expectations?)

8 Responses to The Gosselins

  1. Margo says:

    Hi Andrea and Carl
    What a great idea!! I look forward to all of your stories and tidbits of information. Every little change helps :) Hope you are all well and happy.
    Take care!

  2. Andrea says:

    Hi Margo. Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out. We are really excited about this project. It’s wonderful to hear from you. Please stay tuned. :)

  3. Caren Ross says:

    Hi guys,
    Good luck with this – seems pretty exciting!
    Hopefully I’ll see you this summer.


  4. Andrea says:

    Thanks Caren. It’s been quite a first week. We appreciate you taking the time to check us out. You can also follow us on facebook or twitter if you like.

    We’re looking forward to your trip out east.


  5. Yaron Prywes says:

    Keep up the “good” work you two! Sincerely,

  6. Carl Carl says:

    Thanks Yaron. Stay tuned for more “goodness”.

  7. Lynn says:

    Hi Carl and Andrea,

    How great that you are doing this together! Too often one of a set is all into a project like this and the other has to be dragged along (could I possibly be talking about my own situation, yes, to a certain extent, but then, we’re probably 3x your age so we get a bit of slack).

    I love that you are kind to yourselves, acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses and live in New Brunswick. Never been there but just have a feeling it’s my kind of place.

    Anyway, best wishes to you as you move forward. Maybe you’ll get some ideas about celebrating green from us. Keep up the great work!


  8. Andrea says:

    Hi Lynn. Thanks so much for taking the time to check us out. We’ve been to your site and it is wonderful. As you know, I’m anxious to read your book soon. We recently celebrated our daughter’s third birthday and I’ll admit we had a hard time keeping green.

    New Brunswick is a lovely place – especially in summertime!

    For those of you interested in checking out Lynn’s blog (Celebrate Green), you can find it here: http://www.celebrategreen.net/.

    Thanks again for your good wishes.

    All the best,

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Meet The Gosselins The Gosselins - July, 2015. Still living the dream (ha!).

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