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How To Reverse Desertification and Climate Change

Due For A Little Inspiration? How About Reversing Climate Change?

I just watched a remarkable Ted Talk where Allan Savory describes a way to combat desertification and reverse climate change. We sometimes talk so much about simply preventing climate change …

Family Memories

Creating Memories

Welcome to the July 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Family Creations This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code …

Garden Meditation

A Gardener’s Meditation

Welcome to the July Mindful Mama Carnival: Mindfulness and Nature This post was written for inclusion in the Mindful Mama Carnival hosted by Becoming Crunchy and TouchstoneZ. This month our …

Self Sufficiency for the 21st Centuru

Self Sufficiency for the 21st Century – A Book Review

This book is an excellent resource. It is both well-organized and thought provoking – and it really explains things at the right level of detail. (For me, this means a …

Say Grace

Say Grace: Incorporate Gratitude Into Your Daily Life

Well here we go. We’re putting our spiritual selves online for everyone to read. But really, how can you travel the path to goodness without talking spirituality? This story starts …

Take Back Your Head Space

Take Back Your Head Space

The human mind is a remarkable entity. When harnessed, it can seemingly solve any problem. Overcome any challenge. The brain is the reason we’ve evolved to rule the planet. But …

Do Good Every Day - Feed The Hungry - Rice

3 Quick and Easy Ways To Do Good Every Day – For Free

Last week, I overheard two of my colleagues talking about a site that allows its users to feed the hungry just by clicking a button.  One colleague was saying the he tried …

Green Halloween

Is Green Halloween Still Good Halloween?

We’re a bit stuck on Halloween.  The thing is – we’re suckers for holidays in general.  Personally, I love the Christmas season.  But Carl is all about Halloween. We love seeing …

Sponsor A Child

Share The Goodness: Foster A Child

I was at the mall with the kids today and we came across a World Vision campaign. Carl sponsors a child with World Vision and we have been talking with …

Gosselin Family Eco Vacation - Hopewell Rocks

Take An Eco Vacation: When Less Is More

This week we’re on vacation. We had not really planned to write anything. But our vacation has left us renewed and overjoyed. It was just good. We feel good. And …

Meet the Gosselins

Meet The Gosselins The Gosselins - July, 2015. Still living the dream (ha!).

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