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Growing Your Dollars The Green Way

Ethical Investing: In With The New

Our plight to invest in greener and more ethical companies continues.  This is the third post in this series. You can read our two previous posts below: 1.  Investing in …

How To Navigate The Farmers Market

Getting The Best From Our Local Farmers Market

This weekend, we spent a glorious Saturday morning at the Kingston Farmers Market.  This market is the most local of local haunts in our area.  Saint John also has a …

The Clothes That Make The World

The Clothes That Make The World A Better Place

Tonight I decided to take my consumer power to the next level.  As you know, we started down the path towards responsible spending this summer and learned how to better focus …

Re-using Empty Glass Jars

The Impromptu “To Go” Cup: Putting Discarded Glass To Good Use

I suspect that I am the world’s largest glass breaker. We’re talking serious klutziness. (My only near rival is my mom, but her focus is more on self-mutilation than dropping.) …


Organic and Affordable? Our Attempt To Eat Organic And Not Break The Bank

Updated Sept 18, 2012 by Andrea Healthy Child Healthy World‘s feature topic this week is “GMO FREE/ ORGANIC ALL THE WAY”, so I’m re-posting this piece from earlier this year.  …


Green Your Beauty Routine: Part 1 – Ditch The Deodorant

After a full year of maternity leave bliss, it’s back to work time for me. The kids have started a “play school” program and I’m about to take the plunge …

Tomatoes - Canned Without BPA

Kick the Can: Take the BPA Challenge

On Friday, as I was sitting in front on my laptop wondering what challenge we should take on this week, I received an email from Healthy Child Healthy World entitled …

Farmers Hands With Local Veggies

Go Local

We’re now starting week 6 of The Goodness Challenge.  It’s true that we’re still relative newcomers to the world of “green”; however, even a newbie can see that one key …

Become a Flexitarian (A Weekday Vegetarian)

Good All Around: Become A Flexitarian (A Weekday Vegetarian)

I’m a sucker for a good quiz.  For some reason, for as long as I can remember, I just can’t resist the urge to be scored against the masses. Regardless, …

She looks puzzled: I can relate to this woman.

Spend Responsibly: GoodGuide Your Groceries

Our first challenge is actually what spearheaded this entire project.  As you may know, I’m currently home on mat leave with our second baby and, as such, am pretty much …

Meet the Gosselins

Meet The Gosselins The Gosselins - July, 2015. Still living the dream (ha!).

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